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What you need to know

You already use logic models
  If you use "if, then" reasoning, then you're using a logic model.
  Writing down a logic model facilitates understanding and communication.

Action Research Institute prefers simple logic models
- Example from 21st Century Community Learning Center programs
- Examples from childhood obesity interventions

External Resources
The W.K. Kellogg Foundation published an excellent guidebook on logic models.
Here's an example from that source of a high-level logic model: Community Healthcare Logic Model

A simple tutorial with audio is available here.
We particularly recommend the "If Then" section, #11.  We think it belongs at the beginning, but since this was written by another organization, that's not our call.

The non-profit group Innovation Network provides an online logic model tool.
This is comprehensive, at the expense of requiring more time to complete.  Registration is required.

Wikipedia - Logic Model article, with references to applications in
- organizational assessment (e.g., Malcolm Baldridge Award)
- strategic planning
- program planing and evaluation
- performance measurements (e.g., balanced scorecards, KPIs)
- process improvement (e.g., TQM, Six Sigma)