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Action Research Institute – Services for YMCAs

Middle-schoolers – Youth in middle school (grades 6-8) or just entering middle school (grades 4-5) are a key segment of our population. They are at a critical age in the formation of their identity. Strategic questions for YMCAs include: How are YMCAs engaging this population? How do youth respond to the YMCA's fitness and nutrition messages?  More Information

Grant Support
– Assisting YMCAs or associations in formulating strategy; communicating a logic model; grant writing; and evaluation programs.

Youth workers and other employees - Do members, including youth, form relationships with YMCA “connectors”? Why, or why not? Are YMCA employees sufficiently engaged to perform 110% of their job? Why? If you want excellent relationship-builders to work with teens, what do you look for?

Market Potential - “If you build it, will they come?” and related services for feedback on new or existing facilities, programs or offerings

Brand Image – Communications Audits: what are we saying about our YMCA to different audiences, and how is it affecting their likelihood to join, donate, encourage others to join?

Beyond Member Satisfaction – Using Six Sigma, a practice widely adopted in commercial business, we show organizations of all sizes a thoughtful, inexpensive and effective path to high and sustained member satisfaction.